Elias Darkwyrm

Greek mythology scholar



Darkwyrm’s power base comes from myths concerning gods. He believes in the primordial forces that guide the universe and he believes in the ancients’ power to tap that power base. Essentially, Darkwyrm is a believer in the universal cult of the ancients, and as it’s only true follower (as far as he’s concerned), he has great power to tap into those resources through their icons, their artifacts, and their rituals. Chief among the Gods worshipped by Darkwyrm is the god Ares, who he believes is ascending in the celestial zodiac.


The major problem with Darkwyrm’s magic is the way that the different gods disagree with each other. Utilizing the power of Aphrodite almost always brings about the rage of Hephaestus. Moreover, the heroes and beasts of these legends are unlikely to happy with Darkwyrm’s usurpation of their epic power to his own ends (or to Ares’s ends). He is a trespasser on their domain, plain and simple, and while there is enough power to go around, epic heroes are all about rivalries and proving who is better than whom (“who is this Darkwyrm fellow who dares break my record for throwing the discus the furthest”).

Darkwyrm also runs into another problem. He isn’t actually a Greek hero. He is a recent convert to Ares but his central power originated with his scholarly pursuit. If faith is Darkwyrm’s greatest asset then doubt is his greatest setback.


Elias Darkwyrm

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