Bergermeister Von Der Glunt

Rip Van Winkle character becomes a dwarf about town



Von Der Glunt doesn’t have magic, as far as he’s concerned. He’s simply one of the fey folk, and the fey folk are damned good at trickery and practical jokes. They get worse when they’re drunk. The Herr Bergermeister lives in a conspicuously fey, and conspicuously Dutch world. Spectral Hounds and ridiculous undergarments are not out of keeping for the wee elf. He is a creature who lives in a kind of “tall tale” existence which can, at times, simply come to life.

Common Effects:

  • Call other strange beings out from the Fairyworld
  • See into the Fairyworld
  • Bring People to the other side
  • Force people to obey their promises
  • Curses: Endless dancing shoes
  • Turn Invisible
  • Raise the Water
  • Cause people to become soggy
  • Cause people to drown even when not in the water
  • Swim very fast
  • Bring about the storm that caused St. Elizabeth’s Flood


Perhaps the most telling weakness of the Bergermeister’s magic is that he isn’t really in charge of it. Sure, occasionally he pulls a drunken practical joke which isn’t particularly possible within the logical confines of the real world, but he doesn’t call that magic; it’s all just a trick to him. The presense of St. Elizabeth’s flood is a common and recurring theme. It is his world within Ljosalfheim (aka Alfheimr).

When things go wrong for Von Der Glunt, he gets drunk, he risks summoning rival Fey creatures, and he becomes vulnerable to problems normally associated with the Fey.



Burgermeister Von Der Glunt was the mortal leader of the town of Kinterdijk in 1421 where a mermaid was brought ashore. Drunk, Von Der Glunt promised to sell the creature to a travelling circus, but the sea, it would seem, had other ideas. St. Elizabeth’s storm swelled the dikes and flooded Kinterdijk. Von Der Glunt was transformed into a fey creature of the sea. He now hangs around the mortal world only when he gets lost, homesick, or curious. In the Fey world, he is hounded by the creatures of the legend, the owl and the pussycat, the mermaid, and of course, the multitude of the drowned for whom his poor decisions led to their watery graves. It’s no wonder that he shows up in Belgium here and again.


Von Der Glunt is based on the Dutch from Knickerbocker’s History of New York. They stand around examining problems that they should be fixing. Instead, they puff their pipes in fancy dress with too many undergarments. Von Der Glunt cannot sink in the water because his pantaloons make him too buoyant.


Von Der Glunt would probably like to prevent his enemies from destroying him. He certainly believes that the problem is the mermaid. If the two of them are in the same area, they will plot against each other. Their machinations will, most certainly, involve anyone in their vicinity. Von Der Glunt would gladly throw any mortal under a bus to end the hunt against him.

Other than that, he deeply loves soft and smelly cheese.


Von Der Glunt has a number of Fey Enemies which occasionally drive him from the other realm. Also, occasionally, they follow him.

*The Owl: Though in the original story, “The Owl” was actually a baby, Van Der Glunt is, nonetheless, hounded by an Owlbear.
*Pussycat: Not one, mind you. A horde of cats. They follow him around and report his presence back to the Mermaid.
*Marys, the Mermaid: Marys has been turned into a sea witch. She controls that circus she was sold to and they now hunt down Von Der Glunt with an entire pack of alley cats to serve as her surveillance.
*The Drowned Horde: Yeah, when Von Der Glunt shows up, there’s always the possibility of a ridiculous flood, but wait…there’s more!

Bergermeister Von Der Glunt

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