Dr. Thadius Finch

Monkey Man



All of Dr. Finch’s powers come from his unnatural intelligence. When his powers don’t work, he has a pretty good chance of getting monkey-angry, but he also has a pretty good chance of losing intelligence.


Dr. Finch was not always a mad chimpanzee scientist/explorer…actually, yes, he always was. However, he didn’t always know it. Yes, tales abound of intelligent animals raised in seclusion by their scientist/master/father, but very few situations of seclusion resemble that of Thadius. First, he was taken deep into the Congo to find the ancient lake city of Opooka by his creator Dr. Percy Dashar. Dashar treated Dr. Finch as a colleague, attempting to convince him that his moments of attaining consciousness was simply his coming to after an extended bout of amnesia! Finding himself in the midst of the Congo, and told that he had been a world famous explorer, Dr. Finch went with it. His crew followed suit on orders, treating Dr. Finch as the second in command of the expedition.

Then, Dr. Dasher died. Brain Fever. The caravan, convinced that Finch was needed to get to the city itself, continued to play along with Finch in command. When the City of Opooka promised to grant clues to the infamous lost temple of Gaoler Set. Unfortunately, the Temple was still inhabited by the Ethok Kur, a race of enigmatic beings from the second moon of Jupiter. Their traps and devices destroyed all of the expedition except for Finch who was captured and experimented upon.

Because of his capacity for an increased intelligence, Dr. Finch was capable of greater degrees of enlightenment. He was filled with an alien science that allowed him access to new technologies and strange theories, as yet still untestable here on Earth. Upon his release, he headed back to London in the hopes of bringing his scientific discoveries to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, he’s a monkey. No one believed him at all. Finally, he was snatched up by the Monks of the White Tower where he works as a scientist.

Dr. Thadius Finch

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