Red "The Nezzeldwin"

Artifact Hunter


Nezzeldwin’s Paradox

Nezzeldwin’s paradox manifests as an attempt to enter her into an exotic and primal world. A world defined by myths and legends about places, as real as the myths and legends that the Nezzeldwin must follow to get more magic items.

  • Pith. Pith is the Nezzeldwin’s paradox spirit. He hunts her as the world’s most dangerous game.
  • Summoned Exotic Monsters
  • Odd curses picked up from magic items
  • The character faces off against a divine being.
  • The character is attacked by creature of the divine world.
  • Character is forced to act as a divine creature (like a Valkyrie)

Nezzeldwin’ Known Magic Items

Nezzeldwin has a number of powerful items that put her in the ranks of mages. They include:

  • Nixie Readout: The Readout controls energy levels in the immediate vicinity.
  • The Sand of Neftilia. The sands animate around the character and protect her. They also can form sand dogs to attack people.
  • Paralysis Medallion: Spin the coin, hold them steady.
  • Marble Bag of Eyes: They roll off and allow the Nezzeldwin to see things remotely.
  • Powdered Wasps: Creates spirit wasps, illusions essentially. Scary as hell, but that’s about it.
  • Drums of Unlocking: By beating on the drum, the Nezzeldwin can neutralize all non-sentient surveillance.
  • Saint’s Tears: Saint’s Tears create a healing salve.
  • Mirror Shock: The character looks into the mirror and creates multiple versions of herself.
  • The spirit of Diagfus in a Bottle: Break the bottle, get carried around by an air elemental. Summon an air elemental…. Diagfus was a 10th century king whose army was defeated by a tornado. Cursed by the gods, he was turned into a creature of air.

Red "The Nezzeldwin"

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